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The project cost for a student to show a swine project would be:

Having an area for a 8’ X 10’ pen;
Pig cost $500.00 -$1500.00;
Feed cost 120 – 130 days at 5 lbs a day, bag of feed $23.00 = $360.00.
Supplements and Electrolytes $250.00;
Vet bills and vaccinations $250.00.
Show Equipment $500.00 ( i.e. show sticks, feed pans, waterers, and pen dividers etc.,)
Entry fees for county shows and major stock show $75.00.
The annual estimated cost for a pig project is around $3000.00 for planning purposes. 

If interested in a pig project please contact us and our Pig Superintendent will be glad to help you plan your project.

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