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If you are interested in showing steers as your livestock project this project scope will help you prepare for your project.  Steers require more equipment and stall space than other animals.  The ideal stall space for a steer is 20’ wide by 20‘ long and covered to keep the sun off the steer during the heat of the day.  Steers not only require shade but they also need fans to keep good air flow through their covered pen space.  In addition to this covered stall space, it is also good to have another fenced pen area that the steer could be turned out at night with a round bale of hay and typically this pen is approx. 20 feet wide by 100 to 200 feet long.  The basic equipment needed to show a steer is feed pan, water bucket/trough, show stick, rope halter, leather show halter, comb, blow dryer, and two fans.  There is a lot of other equipment that can be bought to help raise and show your steers such as a stall divider set, hay ring, trim chute, clippers, extension cords, and show box.  The minimum equipment needed will cost around $1000 for the basic equipment needed to get started.  In addition to equipment, there are feed supplements, medication, and hair care products that are needed and these range around $750.  Steers are usually purchased between January to May of each year and are a long term project that spans 9 months to one year depending on which month they are purchased and which Texas Major livestock show they do too.  The cost of steers is a very wide range from $2500 to upwards of $10,000; there are competitive steers that can be bought for $2500 to $5000 which is a good range for a steer project.  If we use 9 months as an average duration for a steer project the steer will need approx. 20 lbs of feed per day.  A 50-lb bag of feed costs around 14 dollars, so it would cost around $5.60 per day to feed a steer and for 9 months that would equal around $1500 for feed cost. 

Steer project cost can add up and a rough estimate to get started is around $6000 and require daily work and care.  The work ethic, problem solving, and decision-making skills required for steer projects makes it a very challenging project.  If you are interested in a steer project please contact us and our steer superintendent will be glad to help you plan your project.

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