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Rabbits & Chickens

The small animal barn focuses on the showing of market rabbits and chickens. While we are the shortest project, we certainly don’t lack the work or lessons in life skills! However, the shorter length of time makes the small animal project a great entry point for families interested in the stock show world, but who aren’t quite ready to commit to a year-long project. This also allows kids who do not live in a rural area to participate in a livestock project as it can be done in your backyard.

Many of the kids raise their own rabbits so they have projects going year-round. Most of the Major Texas stock shows offer youth rabbit shows and several have market poultry shows as well. The small animal world is diverse and competitive enough that you can continuously evolve your project! 

Small animal projects can generally be made to fit into any budget. The initial startup will be your biggest expense: gathering cages, feeders, waterers and other supplies.

Meat pen rabbits and chickens for the Midland County Stock show are both picked up at the end of November and are raised until the show in mid January. Poultry will all come from Texas A&M poultry farm and must be purchased through the MCLA. Rabbits may be purchased from any breeders. Breed class rabbits will be shown in a buck and doe class and can be any breed of rabbit. 

If interested in a small animal project please contact us and our Small Animals superintendent will be glad to help you plan your project.

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