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Serving the Midland, TX Community

On the Southern Plains of West Texas lies Midland, a city first founded due to the Texas and Pacific Railroad’s need for a midway point between Fort Worth and El Paso. In fact, it was originally called “Midway,” but since other towns in the state were already known by that name, it changed to Midland after a few years. Today, Midland is nicknamed “The Tall City” after the skyline of its downtown cityscape which features a number of high-rise office buildings. These significant structures were built during periods of great expansion and development brought about by oil booms. Oil was first discovered near Midland in 1923 and immediately caused a surge of growth for the area. Currently, the city is home to over 140,000 people and is responsible for a fifth of all the petroleum and natural gas produced in the nation. Since 1890, when Midland served as Texas’ premier cattle shipping center, livestock has also played a major role in the area’s economy. Here at Midland County Livestock Association, we appreciate the hard work and heart that goes into raising livestock and we strive to instill those values in our community’s youth. We invite you to learn more about our local charity.

Our 4-H Programs Help Set Midland Up for a Bright Future

Midland County Livestock Association hosts an annual livestock show and teaches our youth participants the proper ways to prepare animals for it. Through working towards these livestock events, students development character and various skills. They are rewarded for their efforts with community support and a financial boost for their future projects or college fund. For all of this to be possible, Midland County Livestock Association relies on various charitable donations from the residents, businesses, and organizations of Midland. To all of you, we would like to offer a profound thank you and reassure you of our dedication to giving back and the pride we take in the opportunity to do so. Contact us today to learn more about our 4-H programs, livestock shows, sponsorships, and more!


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