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Lambs and Goats

The lamb and goat projects are typically lumped together as Livestock projects but there are some small differences.  To begin with the lamb and goat are the most hands-on animals to show.  Once an exhibitor decides to show lambs or goats they will be caring for these animals for 8 to 13 months.  They require about 100 sq feet of pen space per animal and they are herd animals, which means that they do not do well alone.  For this reason, it is best to feed at least two animals together.  The biggest reward with lambs and goats is the bond that the exhibitor and the animal will share.  Due to the importance of showmanship in being successful with lambs or goats it is an everyday job to work with and teach these projects.  Equipment costs can be very expensive depending on the level at which the exhibitor wants to compete.  Lamb and goat purchase prices can range from $500 to $5000 dollars per head. Feed runs $20 per 50# bag with average intake being about 3 lbs per head per day.  As with all livestock there are always other unexpected expenses, but the rewards of learning animal husbandry, financial responsibility, etc. are second to none.  An exhibitor can show a lamb or goat for as low as $650 per head, or at the higher levels of competition about $6000 per head.  Learning to care for livestock helps create better kids, who become more responsible adults!  If you are interested in a Lamb or Goat project please contact us and our Lamb and Goat Superintendent will be glad to help you plan your project.

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