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Equine Projects

If you are interested, Equine projects in Midland County are the newest addition to our county livestock show. Midland is blessed to be one of the few counties in Texas to attach a halter horse show to the county livestock market show. The students that show these horses have taken on a year-round project because the horses used in the county show are typically not just halter show horses. These projects range from beginner level riding horses, to working ranch horses, playday horses, and roping horses. This wide range of training reflects in the cost per animal which typically ranges from 1500 to 15,000 dollars. Feed cost averages 25-45 dollars per week depending on age and activity of the horse. Equipment costs can also vary greatly since some of these projects compete at other times of the year in dressage, barrels, 4-h state horse shows and roping events all over Texas. The participants that do not do their own farrier work usually look at a cost of 60 dollars for a trim or 100 dollars for a set of shoes every 6-8 weeks. A current Coggins test is done yearly at a cost of around 25 dollars per head. These participants work with their horses daily and become well versed in livestock care and maintenance.  If you are interested in an equine project please contact us and our Equine superintendent will be glad to help you plan your project.

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